MFQLS is available for free download. Below are links to ZIP files containing binaries compiled on various platforms as the C++ source code. Last update of binary executable is Jun. 2, 2015.

Note : Tested Linux distribution is OpenSUSE 11~, Ubuntu 10~, CentOS 5~ and FreeBSD 9

Download MFQLS

 Windows (tested from XP to 8) 

32bit version
64bit version

 Linux (Require glibc > 2.5

32bit version
64bit version

 FreeBSD (from version 9)

64 bit version only


Jun 2, 2015 : Minor bugs fixed and version has updated from 1.0.2 to 1.0.3.
Dec 4, 2014 : MFQLS added and version has updated from 1.0.1 to 1.0.2.
Oct 16, 2013 : Supports more lower version of Linux (1.0.1) and Windows XP


1. Run MFQLS from Windows

 At first, note that the 32bit and 64bit version of WIndows executable require an additional installation of library. Please refer this link for installation. x86 version stands for 32bit version, and x64 version stands for 64bit version.It is possible to execute 32bit version of Windows MFQLS can be executed on 64bit version of Windows operating system, but vice versa is not possible. If there is no permission to install the additional dependency  1. Try below at first, and check any error occurs.
  2. If error occurred, please contact to the administrator.In order to execute MFQLS, following instructions should be done.1. Unzip the downloaded file, and move two files to C:\Windows\system32 (If have administrator permission) or remember the extracted path.
2. Launch command line prompt, and type mfqls if the files moved to  C:\Windows\system32, othe rwise go to the extracted path and type command.
3. If the message ‘MFQLS successfully complete’, an installation is properly done.

In order to launch MFQLS in Windows, command line prompt should be launched.

Firstly, Windows key + R or File -> Run action in Task Manager (One can be launched via Control+Alt+Del key sequence) will show a dialog.

A launch of command line prompt can be done by typing “cmd”(without quotes) to the dialog.

 2. Run MFQLS from Linux

 An installation of Linux can be done by unzip Linux version of MFQLS.  1. Download .tar.gz or .tar.bz2 from above, and upload the file to the server if the server is remote.
2. Extract files by tar xvfz mfqls_1_0_3_lnx64.tar.gz
3. If have root permission, moving file mfqls to common path (such as /usr/local/bin) removes necessary to locate the path of executables.
4. Launch FQLS via fqls (only for 64bit Linux) by “mfqls” if step 3 is done, otherwise go to the extracted path and type “./mfqls”(without quotes)
5. If the message ‘MFQLS successfully complete’, an installation is properly done.Usually, Linux version does not requires additional dependencies. If an error encountered, please let us know.

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