FARVAT is available for free download. Below are links to ZIP files containing binaries compiled on various platforms as the C++ source code.

Last update of binary executable is Apr 2, version 1.0.12.

Note : Tested Linux distribution is OpenSUSE 11~, Ubuntu 10~ and CentOS 5~

 Windows (tested from XP to 8)  farvat_1.0.12_win32 (7z, 32bit, 567 KB)
farvat_1.0.12_win32 (zip, 32bit, 714 KB)
farvat_1.0.12_win64 (7z, 64bit, 637 KB)
farvat_1.0.12_win64 (zip, 64bit, 801 KB)
 Linux (tested distribution: OpenSUSE, Ubuntu) farvat_1.0.12_lnx64.tar (tar.gz, 64bit, 802 KB)
farvat_1.0.12_lnx32.tar (tar.gz, 32bit, 802 KB)
 Mac (from 10.6 Snow Leopard)  Temporarily not provided
 FreeBSD (from version 9) Note : 64bit only  Temporarily not provided

Note that the 32bit and 64bit version of WIndows executable require an additional installation of library.

Please refer this link for installation. x86 version stands for 32bit version, and x64 version stands for 64bit version.

It is possible to execute 32bit version of Windows FARVAT can be executed on 64bit version of Windows operating system, but vice versa is not possible.

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